Hello young world!

16 May

Word to Slick Rick…

So what’s up everybody?!

First off, thank you for taking the time to check the blog!

I really wanted to start this blog up so I could have the opportunity to share more personally with everyone, to discuss the things that are going on with me and document the progression that is happening throughout my life as of late. More importantly then all that, I really want to highlight the people around me and the things that inspire us. I am a blessed man to know some great people in my life and this blog will try and showcase all of that.

I also hope that this can be a forum of discussion and I can hear what you have to say as much as hear what I have to say. I hope you like what you read and take it in and reply/comment back!

All I can say is expect honesty, expression and talent when you come here. I hope this can be a place for fun and inspiration for you…

And PLEASE! Hit me up anytime! Check the Contact section for my info!

Thanks again!

MUCH MUCH LOVE! ‘Til next time…

– rayhaan


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