The Toronto Urban Music Industry…

31 May

You know I feel very blessed to be an artist. God has blessed with me an outlet to express myself and my emotions. I appreciate art and the artists that create them. I really don’t feel that the urban music  industry in Toronto cares about art. The last I want to do is come off jaded and bitter in this post, but I am just feeling very strongly about what I saw last night at the Stylus DJ Award Nominee Party. For those that don’t know about it, the Stylus awards are the most presitigious DJ / Mixtape awards show in Canada and last night was the kick off performance party to the awards show (which takes place tonight). The night consisted of performances by the most promising young artists in our city today: Rich Kidd, JD Era, Andreena Mill, Kim Davis, Mayhem Morearty and Famous.

Good party. Pretty Women. Good performances. Great talent in the building…

And an absolutely TERRIBLE audience!

This crowd was supposed to be an more industry-based event, but the impression I had considering it was at the Mod Club (which is massive) was that there would be fans there! To my surprise, people in the industry are not fans at all! AT ALL! I watched 7 performers give their all and really put on a good show. Spitting, singing and sweating their way to entertain … with LITTLE to NO response from the crowd! What bothers me about this is that this crowd are supposed to be the ones supporting these artists most, the DJ’s, the promoters, the managers, the people in the industry! And no one was into anyone’s set. It was truly disgusting. It was to the point where at times, because of the lack of reaction from the crowd, I felt embarrassed to enjoy and move to the music that I was enjoying there.

This whole incident just reminded me of the stigma that we are the Screwface Capital here (shouts to Theo3) and really are only concerned with our own. It really also makes me re-consider the angle I plan to approach my entry into the game. It also gives me confidence in the people who love and support me, because I know if I was performing there I would have had my people there cheering me front row, when in actuality barely any of the performers brought anyone to support. Really scary thing actually. Being an artist with no support at your shows but having support from the industry that doesn’t really show love when you need it most? An eye opening experience. I think I am done ranting and raving about this, but I felt it needs speaking on. I have nothing but love for this music and I guess maybe I am naiive to think that everyone who is involved in this game has the same love. It’s looking like it’s not… Either way, I am not going to change.

All I have to say to those “industry” “in crowd” people in T.O., these are the artists that are looking to represent us in the future… Cheer for them! lol

You really don’t have to act like you are too cool or big…

Because you’re not. Sorry…

Much love to you and yours.

Keep supporting the arts!


– Rayhaan ( @rayhaanonline )


One Response to “The Toronto Urban Music Industry…”

  1. Kaya June 8, 2010 at 6:27 pm #

    Well said, feeling this muchos. Its a little retarded, I also wonder if it exposes an insecurity issue goin on in our community.

    dope blog rayray, im looking forward to reading more

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