Rich Kidd – WOSRKS (Volume 4) Release Party: The aftermath…

1 Aug

Incredible night for me, but more importantly incredible night for the city. It was a packed house and not to say I told you so, but I knew this show would be special. I got a great response from ‘Chief Rockin”. I was happy to be performing the song directly after my brothers the Smash Brovaz, they are true showmen and proved it once again. The crowd was into everything and I don’t think I have ever performed to so many cameras before, lol.

Either way, much love to everyone who made it out! If I didn’t get to see you (it was that packed), then I owe you a drink! 🙂

Shouts to all the artists/DJ’s who performed too! I will post the Rich Kidd compilation when it is available online so you can check out everyone’s music. If you need it earlier, hit me up and I can give contact info.

And the biggest shouts to Rich, Courtney, Addy, Tara and the whole Ridgeway team. What a night…

Now I look forward to me opening for Sean P on the 26th of August… Can’t wait to premiere all the new music I have!

I will give the info for that show within the next day or so!

Either way, much love to you all.

PS. The video at the top has no footage of me …. lol greeeaaatt. lol.


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