The cold bold hard honest truth….

5 Aug

Can you handle it?

Are you able to take it for what it is and absorb it and be able to cope with it?

I would really like to believe that most people in this world would, but slowly but surely I am learning that might be far from the case. I am an observant person by nature. I reallly am intrigued by human behaviour and the way people interact with each other. If I wasn’t so connected to music, I know I would be doing something in the field of sociology or anthropology, most likely teaching it in middle school or high school.
Either way, the reason I start this post off like this is just by the response I have been getting from people lately. I have really tried to make myself as truthful and honest and upfront as possible, especially as of late. I don’t bite my tongue. I don’t feel the necessity to have an elephant in the room creating tension. I prefer to air out grievances and see what’s really what with somebody or a situation! But lately I’ve confronted people with bold truths and seen them squirm and slither like snakes. Truly something that I’m shocked by…

And trust, I know there is a big difference between honest ant respectful and being  crass and rude. I know that difference if not anything else.

I’m not going to turn this into an insane rant about this, that or the other…

Just a simple question…

Do you really want the people in your life to be honest with you? %100 honest with you?

And if so, how do/will you handle it?

Always much love!

– Ray


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