RAYHAAN (aka RayRay Malone) x DJ NEF-YOU – ‘Southern Hospitality’ (Mixtape)

31 Aug

Here it is.

My latest release. The ‘Southern Hospitality’ Mixtape.



NEF-YOU and I worked very hard on this tape in a very short amount of time. It was an incredible experience doing this with him. Hit the boy NEF-YOU on twitter (@DJNEFYOU).

This project could never have been done without the help of some great people.

NEF-YOU – The grind isn’t stopping brother. This has been a great time.

Faizel – For being the best brother a man could have. Your honesty pushes me.

Minty – Your grind is inspiring brother. Thanks for recording me. Thanks for being a good friend to me man. Much love.

Jesse – Your talent is undeniable. Let’ work more lol.

Pro Logic – You are a boss and are a good dude too.

Omar – For the last minute studio time. The tape wouldn’t have been done without you. Thank you man. (Download Omar LinX x NEF-YOU’s mixtape @ http://usershare.net/djnefyou/lp6t4nh4fj4r )

Everybody else reading this – Your support means everything. Thank you. I will work harder and make better music. Wait till you hear my album! YES! lol

Much love to every person showing love/hate. Thanks to all the blogs for the support!

– Ray

Hit me up with reviews about it! I’d love to hear what you all think of it!


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