Retrospective of year past. Visions for the year to come.

18 Sep

As I sit typing this, I am listening to the production for my upcoming album. To say I am excited to show everyone what I have been working and thinking about for so long is an understatement and a half. I am blessed to see through another year of my life as I just celebrated a birthday on the 6th. This year I decided not to do anything crazy, the last two years I threw two jams/release parties. This year I decided to keep it close. Blow some smoke and reflect on the year past. And one thing I can say, is that I definitely worked hard this past year. Mixtape, 2 singles, ManifesTO, opened for Sean Price, Toronto Urban Music Festival show, and super successful Boombox and Crash Landing parties thrown as well. Plus still working my full time job and holding down my household with my brother. All in all, I am proud of my work, but know there is so much to do. I am excited for the work and challenges that lay ahead. You know people always say, “believe in yourself”, well, this year I definitely started to take that to heart. The power of self belief combined with hard work is a life changing combination.
All I can say is I thank God for everything that I have been blessed with and cursed with because I know it only made me grow as a man. I have been blessed to affiliate myself with some great people recently and I am excited for what everyone is going to do. The inspiration and influence is strong and powerful around me and I am taking it in and learning from everything that is happening.

That’s the thing with birthdays too. Just understanding yourself more and realising the lessons you have learned over the year. I definitely had some serious ups and downs through out,  but I always feel grateful for all that I have. If you have been a part of it, then I really do love you. Thank you.

I’m as down as you are. This year we all get it! That’s the way I see it!

If you have been supporting me! Thank you!

If you hate me, thank you too! lol

Much love!

– Rayhaan


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