Rayhaan Quraishi transcends the stereotype of the rapper you see on TV or hear on the radio. His music marks the true expression of a young man growing into today’s day and age. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa and raised in Toronto, Canada, his childhood experience was rich with a diverse upbringing and allowed him to have a broad spectrum of the people of the world. He began rapping at the age of 13 as he saw his mother struggle through a 2 1/2 year long battle with cancer. After battling through chemotherapy, radiation as well as a variety of other treatments, his mother finally succumbed to the illness. His world shook up, he got through those trials by ventilating through music. Building himself up as a true school MC and deriving his inspiration from his triumphs as well as his tribulations, he is a young man growing exponentially, both, musically and personally. Being known for his unprecedented flow, introspective honest lyrics and unique voice, makes Rayhaan one of the most promising up and coming artists in music today. He is also known for his electric stage performance sharing the stage with the likes of DJ Babu and Reflection Eternal. In September 2008, Rayhaan released “The Well Versed Mixtape”, which garnered thousands of downloads online and received much critical acclaim among his peers. This year he will release his first full length project which will feature production from Illmind, Rich Kidd, Tone Mason, Muneshine, among others, and will have features by Emilio Rojas, D-Sisive, and Roshin (of Notes To Self). The future is bright for the MC/Singer/Songwriter, who looks to extend genres and touch listener’s in their hearts and minds by showing he is different in his. Spending years honing his passion for music, it is only a matter of opportunity before accomplishment and success matches his talent. Whether in studio, on stage, or in the street, one thing is for sure… There is NOBODY like Rayhaan.

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