RAYHAAN (aka RayRay Malone) x DJ NEF-YOU – ‘Southern Hospitality’ (Mixtape)

31 Aug

Here it is.

My latest release. The ‘Southern Hospitality’ Mixtape.



NEF-YOU and I worked very hard on this tape in a very short amount of time. It was an incredible experience doing this with him. Hit the boy NEF-YOU on twitter (@DJNEFYOU).

This project could never have been done without the help of some great people.

NEF-YOU – The grind isn’t stopping brother. This has been a great time.

Faizel – For being the best brother a man could have. Your honesty pushes me.

Minty – Your grind is inspiring brother. Thanks for recording me. Thanks for being a good friend to me man. Much love.

Jesse – Your talent is undeniable. Let’ work more lol.

Pro Logic – You are a boss and are a good dude too.

Omar – For the last minute studio time. The tape wouldn’t have been done without you. Thank you man. (Download Omar LinX x NEF-YOU’s mixtape @ http://usershare.net/djnefyou/lp6t4nh4fj4r )

Everybody else reading this – Your support means everything. Thank you. I will work harder and make better music. Wait till you hear my album! YES! lol

Much love to every person showing love/hate. Thanks to all the blogs for the support!

– Ray

Hit me up with reviews about it! I’d love to hear what you all think of it!

This past week or so…

31 Aug

This past week has been one of the best rollercoasters I have ever been on in my young life…

To say I put the pedal to the medal on my grind would be a complete understatement. To be honest, this whole past two weeks have been a blur as I barely got more then 3 hours of sleep a night. Alot of times less. Me and my homie (4 life) DJ NEF-YOU grinded out this “Southern Hospitality” mixtape that you see above. I really wanted to his this project ready and released on the date of the Sean Price show I was opening up for on the 26th. I started the project exactly a month before that so that didn’t leave much time for any thing to go wrong. I knew I was going to be premiering a lot of new music in my performance and I really wanted everyone who supports me and the Boombox movement to have something from me that they could take home. My motivation through all this was getting that for them. It was for me as well, because in less then a month (writing, recording, mixing, designing, etc.) I put together a release I am very very proud of. Needless to say, it was a process and without the help of some very special and talented people,  I would never have been able to get it done. Big shouts to NEF-YOU, Mint, Jesse, Faizel, Pro, and Omar (especially for that last last minute studio time, thank you brother!)

Last Tuesday we also shot a video for a cut off the mixtape called “Malone and Mint” featuring my homie and future of this hip hop thang, JR Mint.  We shot it at Belvia Sound, Mint’s studio, and the shots I have seen so far have been incredible. I included a photo Jesse took from the video, so look out for that soon! Directed by Jesse Lee Bertrand and Jon Moye. Jesse also did the artwork for the mixtape. He is a super talented dude. Great to work and chill with.

Sp all the work all culminated to the show that was the SEAN P x BOOMBOX SAINTS show this past Thursday at the Revival! As always, the positive energy and good vibes of a Boombox party was in full effect and the show was off…the…hook.

So all this lead the big day! The SEAN P x BOOMBOX SAINTS show! And it is a night I’ll never forget. Seeing the positive reaction from the crowd to my performance was something I felt through my whole being on stage. I love to be up there so much and it’s amazing to have new music to perform for my people there. The response to the new music has been incredible as well. My homie Fundament put everything into this show and I’m glad it was as big of a success as it was. Very proud of that dude right there. The night was dope! Beautiful women, cold drinks, smoke everywhere outside, ill performances, what more could you ask for?! I also got the pleasure to share a meal with the Legendary Sean Price after the show which was also something special getting to politic with the man about the game and the people in it. He is a joker and a half! P! lol

Either way, much much much love to everyone who came out that night and supported! Everyone had a good time and it will be a night I will never forget.

Post above this will have the mixtape!

Enjoy! Let me know what you like and don’t!

Much love!

Your homie,
– Ray


28 Aug


Click on the image for the song.

Mixed and mastered!

18 Aug

Just wrapped up my new mixtape, “Southern Hospitality” with DJ Nef-You (www.twitter.com/DJNEFYOU)!

Expect it sooner then you think!

Give Thanks…

16 Aug

for the little that I got….

Thank God for everything in my life. Good and bad…

I am grateful.

Ths song is by a verteran artist Frankie Payne. One of my personal favourite songs this year so far…

Maybe I am a cornball for loving positivity like this but I do.

Shouts to Tone Mason!

All I Want Is You…

15 Aug

You can also check out my homegirl Jessica Kaya’s dub of this song with Blake Carrington! (Tough to say which is better) – http://www.myspace.com/kayasmusik

Boombox Round XI – SEAN PRICE (of Boot Camp Clik) x Boombox Saints:

15 Aug

This is what the summer has been building up to!

If you didn’t know before. This is the eleventh round of the Boombox Saints Party Series! Boombox Saints are a collective of artists who came together to perform their music by throwing great parties for their friends and fanbase to enjoy. We all have been able to network together and throw some incredible jams. The parties have definitely helped to create a movement we have going on here. The official Boombox Saints role call is; myself, Junia-T (of Smash Brovaz), Roshin (of Notes To Self), Fundament and Kit Knows.

I am so excited for this one right here. I am getting the opportunity to open up for Sean P of the Boot Camp Clik! Man, I am an artists but I am still a fan. Sean P is an artist that is brining music that still inspires me and the people around me too. The Boot Camp Clik is a legendary crew in hip hop and are the founders of one of the longest standing independent labels in hip hop. EVER.

Besides that lineage, no word of lie, Sean P is one of the best rappers alive. Rugged, raw hip hop is what he brings.

Now, if you haven’t been to a Boombox jam before then please please please don’t miss this one! Don’t think this is going to be some show with just rugged dudes standing around looking tough. I know the parties are good because they have what you would need. Good people…cold drinks… great performances and good vibes more then anything! I have heard several times from people, “I can’t believe how hot some of the girls are here, and it’s a hip hop show.” Enough said I think, lol. (Don’t you worry ladies!  The fellas as distinguished and fly as well lol)

Personally, this show is real important to me. I am premiering alot new music at this show! If you have been following me anywhere else (facebook, twitter, etc.) you could see that I have been in the studio heavy these last couple months and am super excited about the songs that have been coming out of the hard work. It’s been a good time and I am super excited to show everyone at the show these songs. The mixtape I am going to have ready for this show is fun. Damn I’m amped…

Well, here’s the details:



SEAN P (of Boot Camp Clik/Heltah Skeltah)


Thursday, AUGUST 26TH/2010

Revival Bar (783 College St. W. @ Shaw)

$15 Tickets (Contact me – rayhaanquraishi@gmail.com)

$20 Advance Tickets, MORE at the door



Hit me up for anything.

Much love!

– Ray